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Digital Manufacturing & Smart Assets mit SAP

Trebing + Himstedt is an innovation partner for digital transformation of value creation systems with MES and IoT solutions on an SAP basis.

Producing companies from Hidden Champion to large corporations are supported in driving, testing and successfully implementing innovations. Many years of experience in the machine level and automation combined with process know-how and knowledge of business requirements make Trebing + Himstedt a sought-after consultant for the smart & intelligent factory.

Our methods and systems lead to operational excellence through digitized manufacturing and data-driven service models, in order to design the value-added systems of the future efficiently and flexibly at the same time.

Trebing + Himstedt pays particular attention to the core issues of transparency through production figures, paperless production for customer-specific products through a wide variety of production variants and product traceability, as well as avoiding downtimes through smart maintenance and new customer experiences through smart assets.

As an SAP Silver Partner, Trebing + Himstedt is implementing the solutions of the SAP Digital Manufacturing Suite and SAP Asset Intelligence Suite – powered by SAP Leonardo.


Trebing + Himstedt places particular emphasis on the Core topics of:

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With Trebing + Himstedt, you profit from over 25 years of project experience with integrated and standardized overall solutions, as well as customized solutions. 

Since the company was founded in 1992, the managing partners Stefan Trebing and Steffen Himstedt have pursued a solid and steady course of growth in their Schwerin-based company. Although nationally and internationally successful, Trebing + Himstedt has its roots in the region. We take our corporate responsibility here seriously and are actively committed to our employees and the public good.

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Trebing & Himstedt Prozeßautomation GmbH & Co. KG
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Trebing & Himstedt Prozeßautomation GmbH & Co. KG
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