SAP Digital Manufacturing for Automotive

Improving digital processes in discrete production

Manufacturing companies in the automobile and supplier industry are continuously confronted with ever more complex requirements on products and the associated production processes. Increasingly, vehicle components are produced individually according to customer specifications and must, with consistently high quality, be available more quickly, globally and at all times

In the automotive sector, Trebing + Himstedt is the right partner for the digital optimization of your production processes. From many years of project experience in the automotive environment, we know the specific requirements of variant production. Selecting the right SAP MES solutions make it possible for you to produce custom products at the cost of serial production. Using 3D visualized worker guidance, we assist you in the faultless implementation of manual assembly processes. Simultaneously, it is important to be able to trace products throughout the production process at all times to improve product quality and optimize production costs.

The SAP MES and IoT experts from Trebing + Himstedt provide answers to important questions in the automotive environment:

  • How do I manufacture individual products at the cost of serial production?
  • How is it possible to implement paperless production?
  • How do I ensure end-to end traceability?
  • In case of an error, how is a fast and accurate root cause / impact analysis possible?

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