What is the Industry 4.0 Alliance

Create an open ecosystem of interoperable hardware, software and services based on existing standards

The idea of the seven founding members in spring 2020 is to be an implementation alliance that does not itself define new standards, but rather builds on existing ones. The Open Industry 4.0 Alliance serves the practical promotion of digital transformation and aims to enable up to 80% of the machines in a smart factory to communicate with each other.

Why are we a member?

Trebing + Himstedt was one of the first members to join the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance to drive digitization in a network and ecosystem of manufacturers, providers and users. We see our core task in helping to create an open reference architecture based on standards and, above all, to link modern technologies with the real processes and practice-oriented use cases of our customers.

Sorry, we are open!

There is still room for your company in the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance. Above all, being open also means: to welcome new members warmly! Through close cooperation and a common language we will advance Industry 4.0 as a team. Together we will achieve your goals and the goals of your customers in the field of digitalization.

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