Our Strategy #2023

Starting into Production 4.0 with Wow + Now

Trebing + Himstedt pursues a clear goal of how we see the world of the manufacturing industry, and where it will and must develop. We know what value contribution we can make to this, so that our customers are successful in this world and can proactively shape the development.

The four trends of industry

The future of industry will change. We are convinced that four trends will be crucial in order to continue to secure competitive advantages.

Off to the Wow + Now Production 4.0

In order to successfully meet these four trends of the industry of the future, Trebing + Himstedt is pursuing a clear vision and mission.
Our vision and mission point the unerring way to the production of the future.


We believe in products becoming more and more individual and in manufacturing them efficiently, flexibly and sustainably in production networks.


Our methods + systems lead to smart factories and products.

5 Elements of success

1. Growth + revenue

We have set ourselves an ambitious growth target. To ensure that our customers move forward in the digital transformation and obtain the necessary flexibility for this, Trebing + Himstedt places a strong focus on cloud-based solutions.

The UN's 17 Global Goals on sustainable development are important to us. We want to be CO2 neutral by 2023.

2. Employees + organisation

With what we do, we consistently create benefits for our customers. We use innovative methods and technologies to further develop this benefit and promote sustainability. To this end, we strengthen our culture of innovation.

3. Communication + brand

Trebing + Himstedt is in constant dialogue with clients, applicants and partners - and communicates at eye level.

With our experience in change management, we support and lead the transformation of our clients' corporate culture.

4. Markets + portfolio

Our portfolio includes services around the smart factory with smart products. With comprehensive consulting methods and the programmatic agile approach, Trebing + Himstedt is an innovation catalyst in the digital transformation of our customers. A reliable partner network complements our innovation competence.

5. Innovation + technology

To build a smart factory and a smart product, we use data as a foundation. Trebing + Himstedt masters machine learning and process mining to increase the benefits for our customers with an intelligent data strategy.

Your contact

Anne Huber
Customer Success Manager