For Trebing + Himstedt sustainabilty means econonic, ecologic and social actions. Therefore we gear towards the 17 UN Global goals for sustainability. Until 2023 we will begin various initiatives, which will support the following goals:

  • good health and well-being
  • quality education
  • gender equality
  • sustainable cities and communities
  • responsible cinsumption and production
  • life on land
  • partnerships for the goals

We are by conviction and due to our social responsibility a climate-neutral company since 2021. 

Why is sustainabilty important for us?

Compensation projects

In our daily business we will not be able to avoid all of our CO2-emissions. Therefore we support various compensation projects in cooperation with our partner myclimate. 




2021 - Clean drinking water for schools and households in Uganda


Our emissions of the year 2020 were compensated for the following project in 2021:

The climate project provides needy households and schools locally with new technologies to purify drinking water. Without these new technologies the water had to be cooked on open fire. For these fires local forests were felled and the women had to spend several hours each day to gather the wood. The project has a positive impact on the living conditions as well as the health of the people and saves CO2-emissions. 





2022 - Reforestation in Nicaragua


Our emissions of the year 2021 were compensated for the following project in 2022:

The climate project encourages the reforestation in the community of San Juan de Limay. Thus a larger range of forest area can hold water so that flash-floodings during the rain period can be minimized. Furthermore energy-efficient stoves are distributed within the area. These stoves need less firewood. The project has a positive impact on the living conditions as well as the education of the people and will save CO2-emissions. 





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