Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Key Performance Indicator for Calculating Overall Equipment Effectiveness

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is a key performance indicator, which helps to measure, monitor and improve the productivity, profitability and overall effectiveness of production systems (machines, production cells, conveyer belts, etc.) within the context of the production process.

The OEE value was developed by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance. OEE considers the most common and important sources of productivity losses in production. The OEE value is comprised of the following three factors:

  • Availability
  • Performance and
  • Quality

OEE calculation model

Overview OEE calculation model

OEE online calucator

Use the free of charge OEE online calculator from Tebing + Himstedt to calculate your own equipment effectiveness and compare with your branche..

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Increasing Effectiveness

You want to know how you can use the OEE value to increase the efficiency of your production? Then talk to the SAP MES experts from Trebing + Himstedt about the OEE process model for a step-by-step introduction of the OEE performance indicator in your company.

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