Input help for the online OEE calculator

Notes to the input fields

  • Shift length

Duration of the shift in minutes. Means the runtime of the mashine per shift. Eg. for an 8-hour-shift 480 or maximum = 24 h = 1.440 min. Input: 1440

  • Planned downtime

Average sum of minutes of the planned non production time per shift. Eg. Maintenance, free shift, setting-up etc. eg. 1h = 60 Min. Input: 60

  • Unplanned downtime

Average sum of minutes of the non production time caused by downtime per shift length. Ideal runrate Planned output of the machine in piece/min. (max. 999)

  • Produced amount

Average amount of all procudes pieces in a shift. (max. 99.999)

  • Waste

Average amount of all non conformance pieces, eg. scrap and repair parts. (max. 99.998)

  • Industry

Which Industry describes your business best? If available you will get an OEE comparison value for that industry

To the OEE Online Calculator

Be careful with an OEE benchmark

The OEE as a single value says nothing at all. The OEE is calculated as the product of the degree of efficiency, effectiveness and quality. A poor efficiency with high quality and a high degree of utilization of poor quality can therefore have exactly the same OEE result, yet the production lines are not really equivalent. In addition, the calculation of OEE is not precisely defined and therefore may differ from company to company. For this reason, comparisons to other corporations and even the same industry should be treated with caution. Take therefore the comparative industry data indicated as a gross trend and direction of transfer rather than a real benchmark. We go with our customers usually only one line or plant-comparison within its own group of companies as a benchmark, because at least we have here the data base under control.

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