Smart Maintenance

Maintenance 4.0 reduces Costs

The change from reactive to predictive maintenance offers numerous advantages. By analyzing large amounts of operating data in correlation with business data, you gain new insights into the history and trends of your products, machines and plants. The SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service solution helps you to better plan the maintenance and repair efforts to significantly reduce planned and unplanned downtime. Various market observers, assume a potential of 30 % less maintenance costs and 70 % fewer unplanned downtimes.

With SAP Predictive Asset Insights, you can monitor machine conditions, predict machine health, proactively supply spare parts, optimize spare parts planning, and plan the deployment of maintenance personnel.

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The approach is implemented in three stages:

1. Sense

Integrating control and sensor data

2. Monitoring, analyzing and predicting

Monitoring and analyzing systems and comparing them with business data to predict disruptions

3. Act

Optimizing maintenance and service activities, and developing new business models tailored to the plants

The SAP Asset Intelligence Network (AIN) brings together manufacturers, operators and service providers in the cloud with the aim of providing standardized equipment data and representing physical equipment virtually. This digital twin can then be used to optimize maintenance and repair measures.

Live performance data provides information on the health status of the asset and context-based spare parts and maintenance information, including process descriptions for maintenance personnel via augmented reality, can be implemented in a networked environment.

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Advantages of a predictive maintenance solution

  • Improves the fixed first visit rate
  • Improves planning and utilization of service personnel
  • Reduces maintenance and repair costs
  • Reduces spare parts inventory and storage costs
  • Improves service profitability / internal cost allocation
  • Improves overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

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