SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Insights

SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights provides deep insights into your manufacturing processes

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Insights (SAP DMCi) is a centralized, cloud-based, data-driven manufacturing performance management solution.SAP DMI is part of the SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud (SAP DMC).

SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights offers

  • Uniform, clearly defined and therefore comparable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) within and between the plants
  • Global transparency across multiple system boundaries for easier insights
  • Rapid availability of data and analysis for timely response to deviations at the global and local levels

By providing a centralized solution in the cloud for manufacturing performance analysis, data from multiple disparate manufacturing applications can be captured and harmonized across multiple plants. The system provides pre-configured standard production KPIs and the flexibility to extend or create new KPIs. In addition, algorithms for root cause analysis of quality defects, pattern recognition, and suggestions for continuous improvement in manufacturing performance can be used.

SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights complements and extends SAP's existing on-premise digital manufacturing solution portfolio by bringing the solution to the cloud. This new, cloud-based offering delivers real-time end-to-end visibility and production efficiency in a simple and scalable solution.

SAP DMCi - Global Manufacturing Insights

SAP DMCi - Manufacturing Dashboard Designer

SAP DMCi benefits at a glance

  • Analyze manufacturing performance within and between a company's manufacturing facilities
  • Data collection from several different manufacturing applications and harmonization of manufacturing data
  • Preconfigured industry-standard production Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and flexibility to extend or create new KPIs
  • Advanced algorithms for root-cause analysis of quality defects, pattern recognition and prescriptive proposals to continuously improve manufacturing performance

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