SAP Asset Intelligence Network (SAP AIN)

Collaborative Cloud Platform for the digital twin

The SAP Asset Intelligence Network offers a common, cloud-based network platform for all participants in a plant ecosystem - such as operators, dealers, manufacturers and providers of technical services, etc. - to provide a single platform for all stakeholders. The aim is to optimize plant performance throughout the entire life cycle and to establish cooperation within the plant network to improve service and maintenance processes. Based on the Digital Twin as central asset core.

In addition, the network can be used as a common repository and cooperation platform for installations. In this way, authorized participants for scenario planning, the exchange of data and analyses as well as value creation can be connected with digital twins.

The SAP Asset Intelligence Network (AIN) is designed to bring manufacturers, operators and Service Provider together in the cloud via the Digital Twin - with the objective of providing equipment data in a standardized manner and representing physical equipment in a virtual environment.

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The Platform for Asset Management

Through the SAP Asset Intelligence Network, manufacturers, service providers and plant operators share their data on a cloud-based platform. For example, a vendor provides the master data for a specific model. Customers who use this machine or component can transfer the data to their systems and connect them to the existing master data. The data remains up-to-date without complex manual work and media breaks. The SAP Asset Intelligence Network is a business network based on the SAP Cloud Platform.

The SAP AIN Principle

SAP Asset Intelligence Network Components


Applications focused on equipment, administration, services, announcements, collaborations between partners (performance improvement), etc.


A cloud portal with standardized content, which defines documents, models & equipment. All of this is stored and shared to enable consistent collaboration.


A secure public network to enable connection to various business partners. For inter-company collaboration.

Manufacturer, service provider and operator will profit

All stakeholders profit in different ways: On the one hand, of course, the manufacturer, by replacing and automating few standardized manufacturer portals, but also gaining in-depth knowledge about the use of their products. The service provider benefit from collaborative scenarios. And plant operator achieve more efficiency and accuracy of their plant information, in particular to optimize costs, performance and risks.

SAP Asset Intelligence Network Benefits

With the help of the cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the SAP Asset Intelligence Network can help you:

  • Connection to a central hub for all managers an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
  • Increase the quality of the asset data with a world-class product data management (PDM)
  • Simplify Collaborative Asset Management by storing shared metadata across the network
  • Improve the reliability and response times of assets and reduce maintenance costs
  • Manufacturer: increase customer satisfaction, ensure product liability and improve on the basis of feedback
  • Operator: Benefit from complete asset information, tailor-made services and fewer maintenance problems

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