SAP Leonardo – IoT

SAP Leonardo and the Internet of Things

SAP Leonardo Internet of Things (SAP Leonardo IoT) connects things, people and processes and thus enables the necessary realignment of processes and business models for a digital market environment.


With the features of SAP Leonardo IoT and solutions for business networks, things are intelligently connected with people and processes, even across company boundaries. This approach allows the joint solution of business and operational problems by involving the right people with the right knowledge and the right tools at the right time and in the right place.

The possibility of connecting to partner networks improves interaction and collaboration, increases transparency, paves the way for new business models (keyword: product-as-a-service) and enables companies to promote value-added services.

SAP Leonardo IoT is fully integrated into SAP Cloud Platform and offers a comprehensive range of additional business and platform services.


SAP Leonardo IoT Foundation

SAP Leonardo IoT Foundation is a multi-cloud-platform-as-a-service offering based on SAP Cloud Platform and enables companies to network and manage devices securely over the cloud with numerous industry standard protocols and to generate a digital representation of their physical devices. By setting up a unified semantic layer with the SAP IoT Application Enablement toolkit, companies can develop their own IoT applications and ensure the consistency and scaling of all their IoT applications.

SAP IoT Application Enablement

In a model-based approach supported by this developer toolkit, you can create a digital representation of a physical object and develop IoT applications, with the resulting service managing the IoT data. These include a time series memory, a configurable time series archive and an analysis service for aggregates based on SAP HANA. SAP IoT Application Enablement helps you set up and build thing models, rapidly develop IoT applications, and manage huge amounts of IoT data.

SAP Leonardo IoT Edge

By using SAP Leonardo IoT Edge, business processes at the edge of the network near the source of IoT data can be optimized to increase uptime, operational efficiency, and employee productivity. IoT sensor data can be supplemented with the business context to enable real-time actions and results, continuity of critical business functions and uninterrupted business process flow without the need for a network connection.

SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge

The SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge closes the gap between different sources of information (such as IoT data, business unit data and other transaction data) using a uniform command center - comparable to the ship's bridge. The bridge thus ensures continuous transparency of business processes in real time and across several business areas.

IoT-Services auf Basis der SAP Cloud Platform – powered by SAP Leonardo: