SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII)

Vertical Data Integration to the Shop Floor

SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) as part of the SAP Manufacturing Suite works as a bidirectional data hub, connecting the shop floor and MES with SAP ERP, bringing more transparency to your production processes.

SAP MII – flexible, standardized and scalable

SAP MII is a NetWeaver (Java) based, standardized and highly flexible scalable IT platform. As the central information interface, it ensures that all production data are visible in real-time - including information on orders, materials, machine status, quantities, costs and product quality. By connecting existing manufacturing control systems or MDA / PDA terminals, touch screens, scanners and other mobile input devices, all relevant data sources and data receivers are networked without integration gaps.

Visualization with SAP MII

Visualization is an important prerequisite for better understanding and faster decision making in manufacturing. Using SAP MII, user-dependent information can be presented easily and in real-time in material flow overviews, system monitors, control rooms, dashboards and cockpits, as well as KPIs such as OEE reports. SAP SSCE is a powerful drag and drop environment in SAP MII to create dashboards. The HTML5-based SAPUI5 technology forms the future foundation for fast interface development and mobile applications with MII.

SAP MII Architecture

SAP MII was developed and optimized for use in the process industry and also serves as the basis for all SAP Manufacturing Execution (SAP ME) applications in discret manufacturing for the seamless integration in SAP ERP. SAP MII forms the foundation across all industries and is both the interface from SAP ME to SAP ERP (MEINT), as well as between SAP MII and SAP PCo and Worker UI. SAP MII is based on NetWeaver and a Java implementation. Applications like SAP OEE or SAP Batch Manufacturing are based on SAP MII.

Shop Floor integration via SAP MII

Example of a regional SAP MII concept

SAP MII can be operated in central (data center) or decentralized (on-site) configurations – or in mixed configurations – and requires its own server instance.


SAPUI5 User Interface

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