History of SAP MII

When SAP acquired the company Lighthammer in 2005, the goal was clear: The ERP company software was now to be directly connected to manufacturing operations, joining existing departments such as Finance, Marketing, Sales, Purchasing, Quality management, and many others. The company Lighthammer was a specialist in production data integration and at the vanguard of web-based visualization. With its product, Lighthammer had developed one of the first data hubs for production data. SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII) technology developed out of this. Beginning in the year 2000, Trebing + Himstedt was the exclusive partner in the DACH Region and developed important projects in the Swiss pharmaceutical industry and German chemical industry which formed the basis for today's global use by numerous companies. From 2006, SAP seamlessly integrated the unique expertise of Trebing + Himstedt in many joint co-innovation projects, for example batch manufacturing. Trebing + Himstedt implemented all versions from MII 11.5 to 15.x and is today the leading SAP MII partner.

The current SAP MII architecture is an ideal addition to the SAP portfolio because it allows SAP to connect leading providers of HMI, SPS and histories via a configurable interface using simple plug-and-play.

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