Using Plant Performance Management to Improve Production Efficiency

The goal of a company is to work profitably and productively. That includes a good financial position, profitable growth and improving its position in the competitive environment.

However, many companies work under their theoretical machine capacity. Reasons for this include poor machine availability and performance, unplanned production downtime, inefficient processes, and poor planning. But often, the actual causes and contributing factors are not known. The reasons for this can include:

  • Paper recording at different locations, which is then not centrally collected and evaluated
  • Unsystematic tracking approach lacking a true process and goal
  • Recording is delayed until the end of shift, leading to a failure to properly assign causes
  • Recording effort is too high

To reduce these causes and thereby optimize the business processes, you should:

  • make the utilization times of your machines transparent,
  • holistically record and analyze sources of loss, as well as
  • provide timely information on the production process.

With the SAP MII KPI Add-on, Trebing + Himstedt users get both the relevant performance figures, and a tool to monitor production, analyze production data and introduce improvement measures – as well as measuring their effect.

The SAP MII KPI Add-on includes the following functions:



Calculating – Analyzing – Monitoring

Performance figure calculation

Performance figure analysis

  • Critical value consideration
  • Deviation analysis
  • Downtimes
  • Malfunctions
  • Quality
  • Cycle times
  • Utilization

Performance figure visualization

  • Bar chart
  • Pie chart
  • Gantt chart


  • Workplace status
  • Order view
  • Workplace view


View of asset utilization per workstation

Amount of stops

Function machine data acquisition (MDA)

To enable the SAP MII KPI add-on to automatically collect data from the machines, there is a standard integration for recording the run signal, technical faults, quantities (cycles, strokes, stitches) and configurable supplementary process values ​​such as temperature, pressure, etc. By this coupling automatically times for performances, quality data and machine states, faults and standstills are determined. Standard OPC / OPC UA interfaces via SAP PCo are available for the low-cost coupling with machine controllers, or alternatively a direct coupling via the Simatic Step 7 function modules from Siemens. For old machines without modern control, there is the retrofit through the direct tapping of the signals via Bus Terminal.


  • Manufacturer-independent coupling of the machine Signals
  • Pre-configured interface integration via open standards or Bus Terminal
  • Automated capture of the most important Signals
  • Easy customization and extensibility by the user as part of configuration

Function production data acquisition (PDA)

Display of order data and recording of operating and quality data

In order for the SAP MII KPI add-on to start and stop the job for the KPI acquisition or to assign it to specific machines, there is a PDA interface in which the operator can select this function. In this easy-to-use PDA interface, the information is preselected and compiled to the workstation. Technical or organizational standstill or disturbance reasons or also quality deviations (bad quantities, reasons) can be re-qualified from a catalog. Data acquisition is facilitated by touch-operated interfaces and the possibility of using barcode scanners. When using multiple tools, e.g. in injection molding or during punching, cavities or multipliers per machine cycle can be considered. The direct input at the point of origin and the date of creation and the combination of the recorded information with the order data from SAP ERP ensures a very high KPI data quality.


  • Timely detection at the point of origin at the time of creation
  • Simple surfaces designed for KPI capture
  • Manual detection of good / bad quantity
  • Manual re-qualification of performance and quality

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