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You want to increase utilization of your production systems, ensure on-time delivery and make decisions based on well-founded plant performance management KPIs?

But introducting a complete OEE KPI system seems too complex and risky? And you don't feel you can estimate the costs?

With the OEE starter package based on the SAP MII KPI Add-on from Trebing + Himstedt, you get a perfect opportunity to begin recording production KPIs at a predictable cost. Profit from over 25 years of experience at Trebing + Himstedt, and use the starter package to get started, step-by-step. Your efficiency increases quickly amortize the investment and create the foundation for further improvements

Phase 1: Increase utilization

After a brief implementation phase of three months, the starter package determines the most important downtime reasons. Together with the process experts from Trebing + Himstedt, the measured data is used to develop additional recommendations for action, which in turn lead to improved utilization and improved on-time delivery.

Project sequence

Starter Package Summary

Corepart of the package is a preconfigured server with all of the necessary SAP Manufacturing licences and the Trebing + Himstedt SAP MII KPI Add-on, as well as a mobile tablet for easily and intuitively recording the failure causes on-the-spot on the shop floor. Of course, it is possible to later integrate the starter package into permanent operations.

Recording downtime with a mobile tablet makes possible a swift qualification of downtime with properly assigned causes. The recorded downtime causes can then be addressed and eliminated according to priority.

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  • qualifying downtime
  • increasing utilization
  • ensuring on-time delivery at a fixed price
  • implemented in 6 weeks
  • 3 month rental with concluding analysis
  • possible to transfer to live operations
  • 50% cost offset during rollout

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