SAP Plant Connectivity (SAP PCo)

Shop Floor Connectivity via OPC

SAP Plant Connectivity (PCo) offers a comprehensive communications infrastructure to facilitate the exchange of information between the production level and SAP Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and SAP ERP.

Since it uses standard communications interfaces, SAP PCo features high flexibility and can be configured quickly and easily. PCo is based on Microsoft .NET Framework and uses web service technology.

SAP PCo is configured using the client application "Plant Connectivity Management Console“.

Functional Scope

PCo consists of the following elements:

  • Source system
  • Target system
  • Agent instance
  • Notification

SAP Plant Connectivity provides a buffering mechanism that supports network-based high-speed machine-level communication. In doing so, resources can be controlled so that a business system does not have to be called up each time.

SAP PCo Communication Architecture

Source System

The source system is the system from which information is retrieved by PCo. Using manufacturer-independent standards, a PCo installation can communicate with different source systems, such as:

  • PCC Standard (OPC); PCo supports the following OPC specifications:

- OPC Unified Architecture (UA)
- OPC Data Access (DA)
- OPC Historical Data Access (HDA)
- OPC Alarms & Events (A&E)

  • OLE DB (z. B. ODBC, MS Excel und MS Access)
  • File Monitor
  • Socket

Target System

The target system describes the system to which information is to be sent by PCo. The following target systems are capable of receiving data:

Agent instance – individual connection

Agent instances are created using SAP PCo which provide high-performance data connections between SAP applications and industry-specific standard sources. Examples include standard sources for the plastics, semiconductor or food industries.


SAP PCo provides notification functions with which the data source elements or tags can be monitored for changes. According to the configured triggers, corresponding messages are initiated and the required tags are sent to the defined target systems. The notification functions supplement the functions of the components of the SAP MII Universal Data Server (UDS).

SAP PCo Architecture Example

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