SAP Predictive Asset Insights (SAP PAI)

Real-time analysis of asset condition to predict maintenance and service needs

Keep assets up and running by predicting, simulating, and optimizing their condition with machine learning and the digital twin.

Predictive maintenance prospectively determines the optimal time for maintenance actions to be taken.

Move from reactive to predictive maintenance by analyzing operational data together with business data with the cloud-based SAP Predictive Asset Insights solution. Use technologies based on machine learning and leverage digital twin to predict maintenance and service needs.

Assets equipped with sensors and networked embedded systems form the basis. The sensors record the wear and tear of critical components of a machine and transmit the information to the SAP Cloud Platform. With the help of the predictive analytics services provided there, the real-time data is analyzed and improves the maintenance schedule for the team of service technicians through optimized maintenance.

Just getting started with predictive maintenance via remote monitoring in real time offers many advantages and optimization potential.

Advantages at a glance

SAP Predictive Asset Insights offers:

  • Cloud-native solutions, including SAP IoT and SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • Insights from sensor data and engineering simulations
  • Process integration of end-to-end predictive asset maintenance
  • Improve the effectiveness of service calls
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Increasing asset availability
  • Realization of new pay-per-use business models

Analyze IoT-enabled predictive maintenance data, monitor asset behavior remotely, and gain more insight through engineering simulations with the SAP Predictive Asset Insights solution.

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