SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service (SAP PdMS)

From a reactive to a proactive approach to maintenance

Predictive maintenance prospectively determines the optimal time for planned maintenance measures.

The foundation consists of equipment furnished with networked embedded systems outfitted with sensors. The sensors detect the wear of critical machine components and transmit this information to the SAP Cloud Platform or to an on-premises solution. Using the included Predictive Analytics Services, real-time data is analyzed, and through an optimized maintenance the maintenance plan for the team of service technicians will be improved.

Already the entry into the predictive maintenance via the remote monitoring in real time offers many advantages and optimization potentials.

The approach is implemented in three stages:

1. Sense

Integrating control and sensor data

2. Monitoring, analyzing and predicting

Monitoring and analyzing systems and comparing them with business data to predict disruptions

3. Act

Optimizing maintenance and service activities, and developing new business models tailored to the plants

Advantages of a predictive maintenance solution

  • Improves the fixed first visit rate
  • Improves planning and utilization of service personnel
  • Reduces maintenance and repair costs
  • Reduces spare parts inventory and storage costs
  • Improves service profitability / internal cost allocation
  • Improves overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

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