Configuration and Development

Individualizing SAP software

SAP MES and IoT solutions are flexible systems and can be individually adapted to suit your needs. First, requirements are developed jointly in workshops. The solution designed there is then developed and implemented in the SAP software by the consulting experts at Trebing + Himstedt – in close cooperation with the customer – in a way that optimizes performance.

Primarily, the processes, interfaces and input screens are configured as far as possible in the SAP standard softwareSpecific applications to implement own processes and applications are developed separately based on customer requirements, and then seamlessly integrated into the overall solution. In this way, competitive advantages based on internally developed processes can be handled reliably.

Configuration and development are based on standards to ensure the sustainability of the overall solution. In addition to maintainability and releaseability, customers benefit from functional enhancements to the SAP software, they can access the SAP Eco-System for extensions and are able to independently alter settings and make changes and additions to the system.

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