DRF Integration for MES Processes

Data Replication Framework to distribute master and transaction data

To distribute business objects, such as a planned order or a production order, you can make use of the Data Replication Framework (DRF). It provides general Framework functions including a comprehensive filter concept, change pointer management, and error evaluation. The DRF enables you to send master and transaction data to an MES via IDoc. Using a replication model and the assigned outbound implementations, you can specify exactly which data should be replicated.


The DRF lets create a replication model for a business object (such as a planned order) and control its distribution through criteria defined in the DRF filter (for example, material, plant, production Version, etc.). The following master and transaction data can be integrated with the DRF:

  • Planned order
  • Production order
  • Maintenance order
  • Goods movement
  • Work center
  • Routing
  • Equipment
  • Material

SAP supplies certain Customizing presettings and filter details for these business objects. The filter objects control some prerequisites for replication and they check the relevance for distribution via the DRF. To further refine the filter concept, further variable filter criteria such as material number and plant can be defined.

Trebing + Himstedt can support your DRF Integration for MES processes and gives you the knowledge transfer on how to create more filter criteria in the future by yourself.

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