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Discovery Workshop - Digital Manufacturing

Discover new possibilities with us: The digitalization of your production supports you in working more efficiently, flexibly and transparently along your supply chain.

Digitalized manufacturing systems increase efficiency and flexibility. Transparent and intelligent production ensures that you can react quickly to customer requirements and market changes. No matter whether delivery reliability is to be increased, quality assured, production key figures monitored by means of OEE, paperless production for multi-variant manufacturing realized or the complete traceability of batches, components and products ensured, digitalization provides the answers. In this workshop these answers will be concretized for your own applications.

Target group:

The Discovery Workshop - Digital Manufacturing is designed for companies that believe in the opportunities of digitization and want to explore the possibilities of digitized manufacturing.

The workshop helps to understand the dimensions and effects of a company-wide digitization strategy on the value creation system. In order to successfully implement the transformation to digital production, a broad basis for this change process must be created. The Discovery Workshop creates this basis for a successful, structured approach to transformation.

The following questions are of interest to you:

  • What opportunities and potentials arise from digitalized production?
  • What fields of action result from the opportunities?
  • How can digitization increase the efficiency, transparency, flexibility, delivery reliability and quality of my production?
  • What challenges do I see with the introduction of digitized production?
  • Who should I strategically take with me on the journey of digitized manufacturing?


The workshop is conducted according to the Design Sprint methodology. The agenda includes the following 3 sprints:

Sprint 1 - Common understanding of the problem:
Building a common understanding of the core tasks of the company that are to be solved with digital manufacturing

Sprint 2 - Sketch solutions & make a decision:
What solutions to the common goal does the world of digitization offer? Making the joint decision which approach is the most suitable for the goal.

Sprint 3 - Verify the approach:
The digitization approach in production is described as a concrete use case and can be presented to the next management level.


You have a basic digitization strategy with a vision and mission and you want to work on the implementation of the digital transformation in manufacturing.

According to the objectives of the workshop, we recommend the participation of employees from the departments or roles:

Head of the supply chain, production planner or work planner, group leader of a production island, IT specialist with expertise in the production process and process automation, member of the works council, employees from human resources (change management), quality manager of the supply chain, SAP in-house consultant, members of the management if applicable. (max. 15 participants)


A shared picture and understanding of the digitization strategy in production supports acceptance and the identification of fields of action.



As a result of this workshop all participants have a common understanding of:

  • The digitization strategy in production in the company
  • The current location of digitization in the company
  • Overview of identified fields of action (profile)
  • Overview of possible paths with Trebing + Himstedt on the way to digitalizing your company.



2-day workshop at your site or in one of the Trebing + Himstedt Innovation Studios. The workshop can also be held remotely by arrangement.



14.400,- EUR excl. travel expenses


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