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Discovery Workshop - Digital Transformation in Production

Recognising, communicating and exploiting the potential of digitisation.

The aim of the workshop is to identify the benefits of digitisation for your organisation and to put this knowledge on a broader basis. It is important to understand what your company needs to create a culture of agility & innovation.

Target group:
The Discovery Workshop is aimed at companies that want to better understand and classify the topic of digitization and digital transformation in production as well as its chances and potentials. 

The workshop helps to understand which dimensions and effects a company-wide digitization strategy has on the value creation system. In order to successfully implement the transformation to digital production, a broad basis for this change process must be created. The Discovery Workshop creates this basis for a successful, structured approach to transformation.

Day 1 - Mindset shift

  • Introduction to digital change and digital possibilities
  • Identifying opportunities and challenges
  • Reasons for the change

Day 2 - Readiness Check

  • Introduction to the Trebing + Himstedt process models
  • Factory tour, if necessary
  • Readiness check
  • Summary and next steps

In accordance with the objectives of the workshop, we recommend the participation of employees from the departments or roles:
Head of supply chain, production planner or work planner, group leader of a specific production area, IT specialist with specialist knowledge of the production process and process automation, works council member, human resources representative (change management), quality manager of the supply chain, SAP in-house consultant, possibly members of management. (max. 15 participants)

A common image and understanding of the digitization strategy in production supports the acceptance and identification of the fields of action.

As a result of this workshop, all participants have a common understanding of:

  • The production digitization strategy of the company.
  • The current location of digitization of the company.
  • Overview of identified fields of action (profile).
  • Overview of possible paths with Trebing + Himstedt on the way to digitizing your Company.

2 days on site or in the creative rooms of Trebing + Himstedt.

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