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Innovation Studio Day - Digital Manufacturing

Take advantage of the Innovation Studio Day to experience state-of-the-art technologies for digital manufacturing and choose the right one for you!

Depending on whether you want to increase the efficiency, flexibility, delivery reliability, quality or transparency of your production, the constantly growing possibilities offered by new technologies will help you to do so. Your company has already identified a clear use case in the field of digital manufacturing and is now faced with the question of which technology best solves the problem? Then you are exactly right with us. The number of technological possibilities on the market to implement a selected scenario is enormous. Sensors, gadgets and platforms promise to solve tricky everyday problems. However, not every technology is exactly suitable for your individual application. Together with partners from our Eco Network for Innovations we want to make technology tangible for you and help you to find the most suitable technological approach for your application.

Target group:

The Innovation Studio Day is designed for companies that are looking for the right technologies & devices to innovatively support a specific use case. Be it worker guidance, machine integration (IoT & IIoT) or data analysis. We will present the possibilities and help you to find the solution with the greatest benefit for you.

The following questions are of interest for you:

  • Which innovative technologies are available to suit my application?
  • What advantages do the technologies have and how do they "feel"?
  • Which technologies are suitable for me?
  • What does the introduction of a technology mean for me?


The workshop will be carried out on the basis of a use case specified by you according to the Design Sprint methodology. Within the agenda the following 3 sprints will be run through:

Sprint 1 - Common understanding of the problem:

Building a common understanding of the core challenge in your chosen target use case, which is to be mastered by new technology. For the use case, the possible technologies are worked out together. The potentially relevant technologies are graphically represented for the use case and serve for further discussions.

Sprint 2 - Sketch solution approaches & make a decision:

The identified technologies are presented and made tangible through demos, lectures, videos, etc. If necessary, additional partners from the Trebing + Himstedt Eco-Network (start-ups, universities, research institutes, etc.) are consulted in order to achieve the appropriate bandwidths for the technologies. On the basis of the information and experiences, the possible technologies are reduced to the technologies relevant for the selected application.

Sprint 3 - Verify solution approach:

Based on an evaluation matrix, a common reality check is performed for the relevant technologies. The evaluation matrix is used for final decision making. The result can also be used as a basis for a prototyping boot camp for specific testing of the use case in the customer process.


You have a use case or scenario that you want to support specifically. In a preliminary meeting we will discuss the key points and your ideas in order to prepare an optimal pre-selection for you.

According to the objectives of the workshop, we recommend the participation of employees from the divisions or roles:

  • IT specialists with expertise in the production process
  • Process owner of the affected process, key user or end user


It is a challenge to find the ideal 'tree' for 'carving' one's own innovative ideas in the 'forest' of different technologies. So it happens again and again that prototypes fail because of the reality of the end users. With a user-centered and application-oriented view, you can make well-founded decisions that create real benefits.


As a result of this workshop the participants will receive:

  • a basis for decision-making in the form of an evaluation matrix with a reality check for the right technology for your application
  • an overview of individual technologies and their possible applications
  • Hands-On impressions and ideas


1-day workshop in one of the Innovation Studios of Trebing + Himstedt, Partner Labs or research institutes.

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