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Installation SAP ME

Installation of SAP ME on development, quality and production systems

Are you interested in using SAP ME for the first time or in upgrading your existing installation to the latest version? The SAP experts from Trebing + Himstedt will perform the complete installation for you.

Target Group:

  • IT administrators


  • Basic installation according to SAP specifications for standard SAP ME system sizing
  • Installation on the preferred server landscape, such as development (DEV), test (TEST) and/or production (PROD) systems
  • Optional installation on physical or virtual servers
  • Configuration of a default backup strategy according to the Installation Guide
  • Optional installation of SAP NWDI for managing development projects
  • Optional installation of SAP PCo on a computer on the shop floor for connecting machines


  • Presence of a license for the SAP ME
  • Server sizing according to SAP specifications
  • Installation of the operating system on individual servers performed by the client
  • Provisioning of the necessary access data and remote access to the systems performed by the client


  • Carried out by experienced and seasoned experts
  • Faster commissioning because errors are prevented
  • Your in-house SAP experts are only responsible for the daily tasks of system maintenance and process optimization


A basic installation according to SAP for SAP ME on the server provided for this purpose.


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  • IT Services & Training


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