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Kanban Training

Agile project management with the Kanban methodology

You have heard about Kanban before, but don't know what is behind the method and how to establish it in your daily work, in your project or with your team? Then "Welcome to our training". Here you will learn not only the theoretical principles and practices but also one thing above all - that Kanban is much more than just a board with many colorful post-its. Kanban is first and foremost a mindset topic in your team, a new culture of working that is characterized by focus, evolutionary development, balance and cooperation. The training teaches you how to carry this mindset into your team or project. The different exercises and practical experiences will enable you to understand and apply the Kanban method.  


Target group:

Your interest in Kanban has been awakened and you would like to get a deeper insight and first practical exercises that show you the mindset and the practices behind Kanban. You want to understand what added value Kanban offers you with the agile approach in your daily project work and what exactly the introduction of Kanban means for your everyday life.


The training is conducted according to the design sprint methodology. Within the agenda the following 3 sprints are run through:

Sprint 1 - Common understanding of the problem:

Which challenges accompany you in your daily project work? Common understanding of the challenges and first focus on the possible target state

Sprint 2 - Sketching solutions & making decisions:

We take a look at the Kanban method and the motivation behind it. In addition to teaching the principles and practices of the agile methods, you will gain an insight into how Kanban works and what you need to do to make the mindset but also the practices an integral part of your everyday work and your team.

Sprint 3 - Verify the approach:

Based on the insights and theoretical background of the agile method Kanban you will create your first Kanban Board. Thereby you apply your previously gained knowledge for the first time in practice.


You know the basics of the agile way of working and have already heard about the different methods Scrum, Kanban, SaFe etc. You are interested in more agility in your project/team, are open for new things and would like to experience Kanban in a practical way in a training.

According to the objectives of the workshop we recommend the participation of employees from the departments or roles:

Project manager, innovation/digitization representative, team leader (maximum number of participants: 6 persons)



  • Find out how you can create a culture of continuous improvement with Kanban
  • Understanding of how tasks and dependencies can be visualized and the advantages of visualization and the view on a common working tool
  • First practical experience to establish Kanban in your company
  • You know the challenges you will face when using Kanban
  • You know how to set up a Kanban Board



  • You have understood how to manage parallel projects with the help of Kanban
  • You know how to break the silo thinking with Kanban
  • You will see how to get your team to complete work packages and get a flow into your project
  • You know how to bring more transparency into your project
  • You have understood how to use Kanban to integrate changing requirements into your daily project routine.



1 day training in one of the Trebing + Himstedt Innovation Studios or in your own premises. 



5.200,- EUR for 6 participants, excluding travel expenses

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