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Patching SAP ME

Corrective measures and security holes in SAP ME

To be able to use your production systems successfully over the long term, production software must maintain its ability to run. Possible errors or security holes in SAP ME, which can often put the security of your entire production process at risk, can be eliminated inexpensively and effectively through a patch. Benefit from the specialist knowledge of our experienced experts by letting us carry out basis IT tasks quickly and effectively.

Target Group:

  • IT administrators


  • Patching of your existing SAP MII system architecture to the highest available patch level
  • Consideration of your existing server landscape, such as the development (DEV), test (TEST) and/or production (PROD) systems
  • Joint specification of the patch level for all systems
  • Comprehensive testing of the installed patches


  • Provisioning of the necessary access data and remote access to the systems by the client
  • Configuring backups for all systems performed by the client


  • Carried out by experienced and seasoned experts
  • Faster commissioning by preventing errors
  • Your in-house SAP experts are only responsible for the daily tasks of system maintenance and process optimization


A SAP ME system at the highest available patch level.

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