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Performance Lever 4.0: Discovering and leveraging the potential of Industry 4.0

How can digitalization be used to identify and leverage the potential for efficiency, flexibility and transparency within a company's own value creation system?

Studies quantify potentials of 10 to 70 % of Industry 4.0 along the value chain. The workshop uses a moderated process to uncover the individual areas in a structured manner and make them visible. As a result, there is a list of possible starting points that can be prioritized according to potential and feasibility of implementation based on fast RoI.


Target group:

Manufacturing companies that are convinced that efficiency potentials in the value creation process can be raised in an Industry 4.0 through digital transformation, but do not yet know exactly where these potentials are.


Recording of the core processes in production and the associated requirements Creation of a functional overview as well as modeling of the rough processes and the system architecture.
Graphical process modeling using the intuitively understandable modeling language BPMN
Summarizing presentation of the results including handover of the result documents with included recommendations
Moderation and execution of the workshop by experienced experts in process recording and modeling
The results of the workshop serve as a basis for the successful implementation of efficiency improvements


According to the objective of the workshop, we recommend the participation of employees from the areas or the roles:

Head of Production, Head of Quality Management, Person responsible for production metrics, Person responsible for production processes, Head of Industry 4.0, Chief Digital Officer (CDO), MES core team.



The process considered for optimization is visualized in a way that everyone can understand
Efficiency potentials are uncovered
Optimal conditions for prioritizing efficiency improvements


Within the workshop, a process picture of the value chain under consideration is created. As a result, a list of possible starting points exists, which can be prioritized according to potential and feasibility of implementation based on fast RoI.



Approx. 1 to 2 days on site plus a preparation and follow-up.


Other notes:

The workshop can be conducted physically on-site, in Trebing + Himstedt's Innovation Studio or online / remote.


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