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Prototyping Bootcamp - Digital Manufacturing

Validate your digitization project from manufacturing in a few days with a prototype.

You would like to increase efficiency, flexibility, delivery reliability, quality and transparency within your production. The Prototyping Bootcamp is the right choice for you if you want to test the technical feasibility of your project in the concrete context of your processes and systems. Possible showstoppers and challenges can be identified at an early stage on the basis of your prototype, minimizing the risk of a bad investment in the wrong approach. Within the shortest possible time we will implement a use case based on SAP technology, together with your team, within the framework of a prototype from the areas of worker guidance, Track&Trace, machine connection via IoT or IIoT, quality checks and key figures. In addition to the implementation of the prototype, specific challenges for the future project implementation of the digitization solution are also worked out.

Target group:

The Prototyping Bootcamp is designed for companies that want to validate solutions and technologies directly on their own use cases before they are used in real projects. Thus, challenges of organizational and technical nature can be evaluated in advance on a smaller scale and end-user acceptance can be tested at an early stage.

The following questions are of interest to you:

  • How can my use case be implemented using SAP technology?
  • How complex is the implementation?
  • What needs to be considered during implementation and operation?
  • How do end users react to the planned innovation?
  • What has to be considered in terms of change management?


The workshop is conducted on the basis of a use case selected by you according to the Design Sprint methodology. Within the agenda the following 3 sprints will be run through:

Sprint 1 - Common understanding of the problem:

With methods of Design Thinking a common understanding of the challenge of the user / operator (e.g. worker, shift supervisor etc.) is worked out. Define the minimum functional scope to be validated with the help of the prototype (scope).

Sprint 2 - Sketch solution approaches & make decision:

A target process and necessary function blocks for the prototype are defined by means of process description and function map. If necessary, required input masks are sketched as mockups. The prototype function defined in this way is implemented in cooperation between your development team and Trebing + Himstedt consultants. The findings from the prototype implementation are processed to prepare a basis for decisions on how to proceed.

Sprint 3 - Verify solution approach:

The prototype is presented to stakeholders and future users and can be tested. The received user feedback is structured with regard to already well implemented features, features that need improvement and other desirable features. The next steps to achieve the goals are defined together.



The task definition is agreed upon together before the implementation to ensure the timely feasibility. A common, suitable team consisting of your own employees and Trebing + Himstedt employees is put together. A realistic test environment is also available.

According to the objectives of the workshop, we recommend the participation of employees from the divisions or roles:

  • IT specialist for the process to be verified or process owner of the business department
  • Developer
  • Additionally for the last day: Stakeholders from IT & business department for the process in question; key user or sent end user.


New technologies and user centricity are major challenges in digitization. A targeted prototype helps here to gather important insights at an early stage and on a small scale, which can have a decisive impact on later project implementation. You also ensure early knowledge building for your internal team and can use the results of the prototype to inspire stakeholders and users for the upcoming project.


As a result of this workshop the selected use case is verified in the form of:

  • Definition of the target process and the necessary function modules for the prototype
  • Helpful display of the prototype including structured feedback list

Beyond that:

  • Participants gain experience with new technology
  • Participants get to know an implementation procedure
  • challenges are recognized early
  • the enthusiasm for a new technology is aroused.


5-day workshop at your location or in one of the Trebing + Himstedt Innovation Studios. The workshop can also be held remotely by arrangement.

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