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How "ready" is your company for digitization? Find out with our Readiness Check!

Companies that want to digitize and reorganize their production must know that four out of five digitization projects in medium-sized businesses fail. This is often due to a lack of an overview of the current level of maturity, which means they are starting at the wrong point. For each of your digitization projects, the Readiness-Workshop determines the current position of your company with regard to 'people', 'organization', 'technology' and identifies the concrete fields of action. With the degree of maturity determined, you will increase the efficiency, flexibility, delivery reliability and quality of your digitized manufacturing in the future and create transparency.

Target group:

The workshop is designed for companies that have already developed a vision and objectives for digitization, but cannot yet derive any concrete activities from them or have difficulties in evaluating their current status of digitization. Relevant activities are therefore difficult to identify.

The following questions are of interest to you:

  • How and where are my processes digitized?
  • Which technologies are already in use?
  • Which data is value-adding for the company?
  • How are employees involved in the transformation process?
  • How does digital transformation change the corporate structure and culture?


The workshop is conducted according to the Design Sprint methodology. Within the agenda the following 3 sprints will be run:

Sprint 1 - Common understanding of the problem:

The basis for the common understanding of the problem is the vision and objectives already worked out for the digitization project in the field of manufacturing. The challenges are elaborated from a current perspective. The dimensions "human being", "organization" and 'technology' This ensures that a common mindset of challenges is created in relation to the goal.

Sprint 2 - Determine degree of maturity and concretize fields of action:

The Industry 4.0 maturity level for your company is determined by means of a structured questionnaire. The analysis of the current situation is again based on the dimensions 'people', 'organization' and 'technology'. Within the scope of the maturity level determination, rough fields of action are also revealed. In the next step, these fields of action must be prioritized against the background of the objectives of your digitization project. The prioritized list of fields of action is narrowed down to the actions that are absolutely necessary for the smallest possible solution/ MVP (Minimal Viable Product).

Sprint 3 - Verify solution approach:

In order to derive concrete needs for action, the already prioritized list of fields of action for the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) is broken down further. For each field of action, the end-to-end process must be examined from the point of view of the different departments involved in order to determine which basic principles must be created. This results in a further concretization of the prioritized fields of action with specific tasks, which form the basis for scoping implementation projects.


You have developed a vision and objectives for digitization for your company and are therefore fundamentally aware of your possibilities and limitations.

According to the objectives of the workshop, we recommend the participation of employees from the departments or roles:

The participants should be those strategically responsible for digitization and digital transformation.


After the workshop, you will be familiar with the tasks and focal points still to be fulfilled for your digitization project and will therefore be able to complete them more easily. A jointly developed maturity level adapted to your company and your goals will help you to carry out digitization as error-free as possible.


All participants have a common understanding of:

  • the degree of digitization of the company in terms of peopl, organization and technology
  • the concrete fields of action for successful implementation of the digital transformation.


2-day workshop at your site or in one of the Trebing + Himstedt Innovation Studios. The workshop can also be held remotely by arrangement.


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