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You have already decided to use digital transformation and want to make processes efficient and transparent? You want to increase efficiency, flexibility, delivery reliability, quality and transparency in production and already have a concrete use-case and a dedicated goal for a project? You probably even know the necessary fields of action. However, the path to a Smart Factory is often not clear and you lack experience with complex digitization projects. It is therefore difficult to put the fields of action in the right order. In the Roadmap Workshop you will benefit from our experience and at the end you will receive a feasible plan that takes into account your company's vision and mission and defines clear milestones.

Target group:

The workshop is designed for companies that already have an idea about digital transformation. The first fields of action have been identified and a strategic goal alignment is known. The task now is to bring these fields of action into a meaningful and, above all, feasible order by designing a clearly structured roadmap.

The following questions are of interest to you:

  • Are there dependencies between the fields of action?
  • In which timeline do I want to achieve defined goals?
  • Are there framework conditions that have to be met?


The workshop is conducted on the basis of the fields of action identified by the customer for the digitization project according to the design sprint methodology. The following 3 sprints are run through as part of the agenda:

Sprint 1 - Common understanding of the problem:

In the application case of digitized production / MES, the fields of action correspond to the function modules that are to be implemented by the project. These are formulated in concrete terms so that the content and objectives are transparent to all participants.

Sprint 2 - Sketch out solution approaches & make a decision:

The dependencies within the function modules as well as to other planned or ongoing interface projects (e.g. ERP, EWM) are considered and presented in a roadmap. An MVP (Minimum Viable Product) target will be worked out for the entire digitization project as well as for the individual function modules in order to achieve faster progress by using smaller solution modules.

Sprint 3 - Verify solution approach:

The roadmap proposal is logically structured and fits into the company's dependency cycles. A time perspective allows a cross-check to your expectations and an understanding of when the functional scope can be used productively.


A list with the fields of action for the path of digital transformation has already been identified. Considerations already exist regarding a rough planning horizon for the implementation of the plans. The people involved in your company already have a uniform picture and a common goal for digitalization. If these prerequisites are not yet fulfilled, we recommend a Discovery Workshop in advance.

According to the objectives of the workshop, we recommend the participation of employees from the departments or roles:

The participants are the strategic managers responsible for the topic of digitization and digital transformation, such as management, production management, managers from interface areas (e.g. quality management, planning), IT.


A jointly developed program plan tailored to your company helps to prioritize the individual fields of action in a meaningful way and bring them into an order. The roadmap generated in this way ensures transparency among all participants and forms a solid planning basis for the implementation of specific project plans. This ensures that nothing stands in the way of your projects in terms of planning.


As a result of the workshop, the identified fields of action are presented in a roadmap.

All participants have a common understanding of:

  • The importance of the individual fields of action and their dependencies
  • The roadmap for the implementation of the fields of action
  • The next recommended steps for implementing the roadmap


1-day workshop at your site or in one of the Trebing + Himstedt Innovation Studios. The workshop can also be held remotely by arrangement.

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