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Smart Factory Roadmap Workshop

Create a program plan for your digital transformation in production.

The aim of this interactive workshop is to develop a program plan with all participants that brings the individual fields of action into a meaningful sequence (roadmap) of individual projects on the basis of the respective industry 4.0 maturity level.

Target group:
The Smart Factory Roadmap is aimed at companies that have already dealt with the topic of digital transformation to a Smart Factory. The strategic orientation of the company is known and the first fields of action have been identified. The challenge now is to structure these fields of action in such a way that a workable plan (roadmap) for their implementation also emerges.

Day 1 - Mindset shift

  • Introduction to digital change and digital possibilities.
  • Participant self-assessment: How is the market in your segment changing and where will it change in the future?
  • Market comparison and analysis of own opportunities and risks.
    Presentation by the client: Overview of their own corporate strategy for digitization (vision / mission).
  • Systematic analysis of the need for action and change.
    Develop a common understanding of the benefits of the individual fields of action.

Day 2 - Working out a Roadmap

  • Introduction to the Trebing + Himstedt process models.
  • Factory tour, if necessary
  • Deepening of the individual fields of action and alignment with the current Industry 4.0 maturity level.
  • Elaboration of dependencies, influencing factors and prerequisites for implementation.
  • Create a program plan for the individual fields of action (roadmap).
  • To jointly define an approach for the transformation process.
  • Summary and next steps.

If necessary, a joint Disovery Workshop should be implemented in advance in order to bring all persons involved into a uniform picture and a common goal.

In accordance with the objectives of the workshop, we recommend the participation of employees from the departments or roles:

Head of supply chain, production planner or work planner, group leader of a specific production area, IT specialist with specialist knowledge of the production process and process automation, works council member, human resources (change management), quality manager of the supply chain, SAP in-house consultant, possibly members of management. (max. 15 participants)

A jointly developed program plan helps to identify the fields of action and put them in a prioritized order.

As a result of this workshop, all participants have a common understanding of:

  • The production digitization strategy of the Company
  • Roadmap for the implementation of the fields of Action
  • Overview of possible paths with Trebing + Himstedt on the way to digitizing the Company

2 days on site or in the creative rooms of Trebing + Himstedt.

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