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Training – Plan & conduct remote workshops

Successful Remote Meetings

Do you want to be able to work effectively and efficiently despite or especially because of a remote situation? With this training you will make sure that in future you will be able to pick up all your meeting participants and actively involve them. Every remote event will have the feeling that everyone is in the same room - more interaction - more participation - a relaxed atmosphere that encourages mutual exchange and creative results. We support you in being proactively able to react remotely to your (internal and external) customer needs and to approach a solution finding creatively.

Target group:

  • Project managers and participants who lead and supervise remote teams.

  • The training is suitable for both implementation and creative workshops.


We show you how to transform to remote work and how to adapt to remote meetings or workshops. In addition to a simple checklist and a how-to guide generated from it, which we provide you with, we show you how to plan remote meetings based on the theoretical principles and our experience. In this context, we show you which elements should be included in the agenda of a remote meeting. In addition, we will introduce you to suitable tools and suitable methods to ensure more interaction and collective idea generation.

After you have got to know the theoretical basics, we will focus on your individual concerns. On the basis of one of your specific meetings, a remote workshop will be jointly designed, the agenda will be created and possible methods to be applied will be discussed.

Optionally, we offer to design and accompany or moderate this specific meeting as a complete remote workshop for you. Each workshop is prepared and followed up by us.



  • All participants take part in the workshop with their own computers with webcams.

  • According to the objectives of the workshop, we recommend the participation of employees from the departments or roles: All participants who will participate in future remote workshops of their company. (The number of participants per workshop is limited to 12).



Leaders and participants of remote workshops know the tools, methods and moderation techniques to conduct remote meetings like physical meetings or even better after the workshop.



Moderators and participants of remote workshops have learned and experimented with the tools, methods and moderation techniques for the specific workshop environment. A detailed agenda for a real remote workshop with its own objectives was set up together.



1 day


Other notes:

Optionally, additional days can be booked to accompany your own workshops.


This is what participants say about our remote workshops:

"I think the workshop worked better as if you had been on-site because you had to be better prepared."



4.200,- EUR for 6 participants, excluding travel expenses, (each additional participant 240,- EUR)


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