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Workshop Business Model Development

Develop and define new data-based business models with the Business Model Canvas

The development of new, data-driven business areas is an important driver on the path of digital transformation within the company.

Developing new business models is a multi-stage innovation process, which usually consists of the following phases:

1 Brainstorming
2 Business Model Development
3 Piloting (Minimum Viable Product, MVP)
4 Productisation / Implementation
5 Scaling

This workshop focuses on the definition of the business model with regard to the development of new data-driven business areas. It considers the essential aspects and their dependencies in relation to:

  • the means and resources that a company needs for the successful implementation of data-driven business units 
  • the values that are important for customers and the company
  • the customer segments to be addressed by the service
  • the relevant cost / revenue structures = monetisation 

Target group:

The workshop is aimed at companies that have an initial idea of a new business model and would like to gain a better understanding and classification of its opportunities and potentials, as well as necessary resources and efforts.


In the workshop, the following key questions will be addressed:Which customer segments are being addressed?

1 What does the desired customer relationship look like?
2 Which sales channels or market accesses are being targeted?
3 Which key activities are necessary to establish the service?
4 Which partner ecosystem is required?
5 Which key resources (hardware, software, infrastructure, ...) are necessary to establish and provide the service?
6 What are the key output drivers?
7 What is the revenue structure?


The idea generation phase is completed and the results can be built on. All workshop participants know and understand the idea of the business model. Optionally, this can be ensured methodically in an upstream half-day workshop.

According to the objectives of the workshop we recommend the participation of an interdisciplinary team (different roles) with a maximum of 6 persons:

  • Management or person responsible for innovation and business model development or Digitization Head of the department where the idea comes from
  • Business Development or Sales Manager
  • Field staff or service staff with customer perspective / customer's attorney


The goal of the workshop "Business Model Development with the Business Model Canvas" is

  • All participants have the same understanding of the new business model
  • The main fields of action or elements of the business model that are critical to success are identified, structured by category and visualised.
  • The business idea can be presented to the management.


1 Results structured and visualized in Business Model Canvas
2 Management Summary for decision support


The workshop can be held at the customer's facility, in the Trebing + Himstedt Innovation Studio or remotely in one day with appropriate preparation and follow-up.

In order to get started quickly with the new business model, request a non-binding offer now.

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