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The future of industry is changing: Increasing cost pressure is intensifying competition between manufacturing companies. Customers who prefer to use products rather than own them are increasing the pressure on efficiency. The speed on the market is also increasing. Today, companies have to be faster than the competition and even faster than the customer, because product lifetimes are getting shorter, competitors are bringing innovations to market, and customers are demanding faster innovation cycles.

How can I counter this? With future-proof manufacturing that can do both: Produce efficiently and flexibly at the same time. Efficient to save costs (wow) and flexible to meet changing market requirements (now). We call this the wow + now factory or simply the smart factory.

Understanding and using data

And how does my factory or production become intelligent? A smart factory is always based on data that I can understand and use. For example, I can use data that is generated in production itself to optimize my production. The more I know about my own production (in the form of data), the better I can identify and implement potential for improvement.

Building blocks of an smart and intelligent factory

Efficient production

Flexible Production

Adaptive Production

Production network

Sustainable Production

Start your smart factory

Would you like to know how your production can also become more intelligent? We will be happy to advise you in a personal appointment on more Wow + Now for your production.

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