Production network of a smart factory

Producing beyond site and company boundaries

Do these problems sound familiar?

  • Intelligent products often consist of intelligent modules, which you do not manufacture all yourself
  • Production capacities of your partners are insufficiently known to you, which reduces efficiency and flexibility
  • Mapping production processes, information, automated decisions across company boundaries is complex

Producing across company boundaries as a virtual factory

With our knowledge from the production context, our methodological expertise and our partner network, we support you in expanding production capacities beyond your own plant / company.

By building a digital production network, you will succeed in integrating intelligent production modules into your manufacturing process. Another benefit will be the clear mapping of your partners' production capacities in the network. In this way, you will achieve greater flexibility for your customers while increasing effectiveness.

A digital production network ensures that information on production processes can be easily mapped and evaluated across company boundaries.

Then we can support you

We help production managers to build a production network by using known methods, models to establish processes beyond their own company boundaries.

Talk to us about how you can design and build your production network.

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What makes us different

We at Trebing + Himstedt have been developing and implementing digitization in discrete manufacturing from A to Z since 1992. From brainstorming in workshops, implementation, provision of the system landscape to training, we accompany our customers in their sustainable digital transformation.

How we can support you in setting up a production network:

  • Your systems and processes are standardized and digitized across company boundaries.
  • Well-known methods from efficient production, flexible production and adaptive production are used to implement them across companies

Start in a production network

Discover and identify with us, by means of proven workshop methods, the elements that sensibly belong in a production network and how this can be established.

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