IoT services

Use the IoT data of your products for the benefit of your customers

Do these problems sound familiar?

  • Usage: After delivery of your products, you have insufficient knowledge of how they are used.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance cycles are fixed dates in the calendar, but the actual wear and tear is different and causes malfunctions and failures.
  • Competition: In the market, you want to be among the pioneers for your customers and develop products into holistic solutions.
  • New business models: Your customers should benefit from innovative services and enable new revenues for you.

Enable your customers to get value from IoT data

Your products provide data on an ongoing basis. IoT makes this visible and thus creates its own language in the form of data patterns that you can actively use for yourself and your customers. This allows you to learn more about the use of your products in order to optimize them. In addition, you can detect wear and tear or malfunctions before failure and offer your customers new services that enable a competitive advantage for your business.

In the long run, IoT technology serves customer loyalty by making the use and maintenance of your products more flexible and efficient for your customers.

How we can support you

We help you develop IoT data-based services & dashboards by implementing an IoT cloud with digital services & analytics tools.

The result is digital services such as dashboards, which customers can subscribe to as a supplement to the product. 

Our colleague Anne Huber is available for an initial consultation.

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What makes us different

We at Trebing + Himstedt have been developing and implementing digitization in discrete manufacturing from A to Z since 1992. From brainstorming in workshops, implementation, provision of the system landscape to training, we accompany our customers in their sustainable digital transformation.

How we can help you build IoT data-driven services and dashboards:

  • Connecting your products to the IoT cloud to capture and store data.
  • Implementing dashboards for control and evaluation
  • Integrate product information
  • Go-live and support

Launch your IoT data-based services now

Get insight and information about our offer of a strategy workshop around "Digital Services with IoT".

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